//Grow Environmentally Sustainable

Grow Environmentally Sustainable

Environment is given greater attention in the world today due to the realization that climate change and pollution are affecting our lives. The Jesuits have chosen the decennial (2019-2029) Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) in which ‘Caring for the Common Home’ is included. This book has six parts with 16 chapters covering varied subjects like Economics, Finance, Business and Industry, Engineering, Technology, Environment and Agriculture.

It touches on green chemistry, bioremediation, green business and green technology. Each article highlights splendidly the new and innovative research in these areas. The common thread throughout the text is the need for urgent action, a vision for a sustainable future, and mindfulness that solutions must be widely accessible to advance the welfare of all nations. 

The authors provide a clear idea of the challenges faced today and how to overcome them; they focus on the reduction of energy consumption and promotion of environmental awareness, discuss environmental monitoring and surveillance systems, and include many domestic and international case studies to illustrate their points.

This book provides wealth of knowledge for stakeholders from academia, government, and industry in green environmental sustainability solutions advanced by thoughtful scholars from multiple disciplinary and cultural perspectives. In the forward, Dr Nancy C. Tuchman,observes that this book will inspire the next generation environmental leaders.

The book offers practical solutions contributing to the total worldwide effort to build a sustainable tomorrow. This excellent collection will inform policymakers and industry leaders with ways to advance environmental sustainability in their cities, states, nations and organizations.

The authors Dr Xavier Savarimuthu, S.J., a Jesuit environmental scientist, Dr Usha Rao and Dr Mark Reynolds from St Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA, deserve our praise and appreciation for bringing out a timely and useful book.

TITLE: Go Green for Environmental Sustainability

PAGES: 276

PRICE: RS. 8,077.00


PUBLISHER: CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, Florida, USA & Routledge Group, Oxfordshire, England, UK)

S. Ignacimuthu, SJ