//Lok Manch: Exploring opportunities – Experiencing graces

Lok Manch: Exploring opportunities – Experiencing graces

A pilgrim journey

Lok Manch as a pilgrim journey that began in November 2015 has its roots in the historical experiences of the Jesuits of South Asia. The seed of Lok Manch can be traced back to the historical initiatives of the Jesuits in 2003. ‘Another world is possible’ was the slogan globally at that time. Over 1,500 Jesuits, collaborators, and a large number of women, men and youth from priority communities participated in the Mumbai World Social Forum from 16th to 21st January 2004, under the banner of South Asian Peoples’ Initiatives (SAPI). It included 45 international delegates. Frs Prakash Louis and Joe Xavier were the facilitators of this process. For the first time the historically marginalized communities accompanied and served by the Jesuits living in remote villages had an opportunity to travel to Mumbai. It was also an opportunity for the Dalits, Adivasis and minorities cutting across language, culture, religion and ethnicity to meet face to face and share with others their responses to these questions: Who am I? What am I doing in a Jesuit Social centre? What is my passion and dream?

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