//Fr. Edwin L. D’Souza, SJ (GOA) 1925 – 2022

Fr. Edwin L. D’Souza, SJ (GOA) 1925 – 2022

Many outstanding qualities and a simple, disciplined lifestyle enabled Fr Edwin to be an exemplary figure to all of us in the Province.  He was a gentleman, kind and considerate in all his dealings, a committed religious, faithful to all his spiritual obligations and a lovable community member. Among his many qualities, his obedience and his humility were outstanding. On many occasions members of the community were deeply touched by his humility in spite of his seniority and advanced age. Whenever he realized that his way of going about had caused some irritation or discomfort to someone, he would return after a while and humbly seek forgiveness.

As a young priest Fr. Edwin worked as a missionary in the Ahmednagar District for 20 years. He loved pastoral work and had been self-sacrificing in his service in various mission stations of the Ahmednagar District. His concern for the poor was exemplary. Later, he served as the Parish Priest of St. Xavier’s Church, Pune. During this time, he was also the Rector of St. Vincent’s, Pune and therefore, after the sudden death of the Provincial, he was called upon to lead the Goa-Pune Province. As a Provincial he was spiritual, approachable, methodical, just and fair in his dealings. He was balanced in his judgments, calm and patient with individuals, and was an efficient facilitator. After his term as Provincial, he served in the leadership role at St. Britto’s, Mapusa, at St. Paul’s, Belagavi and at Pedro Arrupe Institute, Raia.

Fr Edwin was truly a great Jesuit and a wonderful person. One could say that he was an accomplished Jesuit: Holy, humble, helpful, humorous and happy.

During this Ignatian year, Ignatius himself might have interceded with God the Father to invite Fr Edwin back to the Kingdom to enjoy eternal bliss.

Cedric Fernandes, SJ