//Know the Indian Jesuit Scientists

Know the Indian Jesuit Scientists

The Jesuits have been known for their intellectual contribution to the world, specifically through science. This book ‘Contribution of Jesuits to Science in India’ by S. Ignacimuthu, SJ, summarises the scientific output of 68 Jesuits who have toiled in the field of science and have contributed in some way to knowledge. It enumerates the awards received, the products developed, the patents obtained, the research articles and books published, the fellowships gained and the impacts made in the field of science.

This book also mentions how some Jesuits have promoted modern science culture in India, how some Floras have been published, how some plants have been named, how some text books have been written, how biotechnology was popularized and how many plants and insects have been named after some Jesuits.

Father Arturo Sosa, SJ, the Superior General, has written the Preface in which he asserts that this book “will be of very great use as a resource book for future generations”. Fr Stany D’Souza, SJ, the POSA, in his Foreword, says that this book “has an enriching and enabling experience embedded in it, and it will surely inspire some of our younger Jesuits to take to science as an instrument of apostolic service”.

The author himself, a recognized scientist, has taken enormous pains to collect all the relevant materials pertaining to each one of the Jesuits mentioned in the book. We are indebted to the author for bringing out this wonderful resource book. This is a valuable treasure for anyone interested in the Jesuits and their involvement in science.

P. Pandikumar

Title: Contribution of Jesuits to Science in India

Author: S. Ignacimuthu, SJ

Publisher: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

Pages: 432

Price: Rs. 500/-