//Father Stan Swamy and the Bagaicha Movement

Father Stan Swamy and the Bagaicha Movement

Bagaicha means a garden in which all kinds of flora and fauna flourish. Jharkhand’s Adivasi lands are sprinkled with such gardens, the mango orchards being the prominent and distinct feature of its landscape. According to Dayamani Barla, the iron lady of Jharkhand, “These gardens belong to everyone. Adivasis sit under these trees to have their meetings to discuss issues that affect their lives, and come to a consensus about how to find solutions to these issues. Stan Swamy (Dada, as she calls him) chose the word Bagaicha for the social research and training center he established in Ranchi to symbolically communicate the message that the center belongs to everyone who is concerned with the issues of people who have been marginalized.”

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