//Who is St. Procula Flavia?

Who is St. Procula Flavia?

There is an interesting, if not intriguing Saint in the Eastern Oriental Church and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church by the name of St. Procula Flavia. Her feast is celebrated on October 27 every year. Who is St. Procula Flavia? Why is she so interesting, if not intriguing?

St. Procula Flavia is none other than the wife of Pontius Pilate who begged him to release Jesus according to the Gospel of St. Mathew (Matt. 27:19). The Eastern Orthodox Church maintains that she had encountered Jesus much before the trial in Pilate’s Pretorium because her son Pilo was afflicted with epilepsy. After Jesus healed her son she became a disciple of Jesus like many other rich women who supported Jesus during his ministry.

Being from a rich noble Patrician family she embarrassed the Roman hierarchy and had to be ostracized. She later went to Ethiopia to spread the Gospel. She was killed by the Roman Emperor for spreading Christianity in Africa.

The author is an XLRI Alumnus and currently Asst. Parish Priest at St. Xavier’s College Parish, Ahmedabad.