//Who has Jeopardised Democracy?

Who has Jeopardised Democracy?

This small booklet tries to capture the events unfolding, not by themselves but as manufactured and created in recent times by the authorities. We look at these events on the larger canvas of Indian Secular Democracy.

Some may find the views and critique unacceptable and perhaps objectionable. In a democracy it is fine to have different opinions and views. Some may find them hurtful. As Indians we are oversensitive and sometimes rigid. One needs to realise that an aspect of democracy is the right to freedom of speech and the other’s freedom to listen or not. But our democracy does not welcome intolerance and violence that arises just because one does not subscribe to a view.

In the last few years intolerance and violence of dissent has swept across many parts of the country. Social and political organisations have played a major role in this process, especially, right wing social and political organisations.

In this booklet the author shows that our democracy is tampered and terrorised by the Hindutva socio-political organisations and their manipulations in the last few decades. The booklet focuses on two aspects of the Indian socio-economic and political reality – the structural Economic Programme and the saffronisation of Indian politics.

The programmes and events around these two aspects have adversely affected people’s participation in governance and decision making that shapes their lives. They have also facilitated the spread of saffron ideology and ‘Hindutva’ politics that is detrimental to the Constitution of India. These have seriously jeopardised democracy, democratic institutions and processes. The hope for endangered democracy is for the citizen to be awakened and made critically aware. This awareness will lead to action aligned with our Constitution so that rule of law is respected, the dignity and rights of citizens are upheld, the diversity and differences among us are seen as assets – something to celebrate and learn from – and not as liabilities.

  • Title: Tampered and Terrorised DemocracY
  • Author: James Regina C. Dab-hi
  • Publisher: Indian Social Institute, New Delhi
  • PAGES: 46
  • PRICE: Rs. 100