//The Social and Psychological meanings of Suicide

The Social and Psychological meanings of Suicide

This book is an outcome of the study undertaken by the faculty of the Centre for Culture and Development, Vadodara, which was financially supported by the Indian Council for Social Science Research, Delhi. This book provides a socio-psychological enquiry of the phenomenon of suicide in the Indian context. It addresses the rising trend of suicides across the world and through case studies explores its primary reasons, the after-effects on survivors and families, and measures to prevent them.

The volume focuses on deciphering the social and psychological meanings associated with suicide. Through an examination of psycho-social autopsies of numerous cases, it highlights the patterns and trends which emerge around mental well-being, suicide, and bereavement. It examines the primary roadblocks for robust suicide prevention measures and provides great insights into behavioral and personality categories and their relationship with suicide. A special feature of this book, is the case studies of attempted suicides and completed suicides and their analysis. Through case studies, it explores primary reasons for suicide, the after-effects on survivors and families and measures to prevent them.

Offering theoretical and empirical perspectives on the issue of suicide and self-harm, this book will be of interest to students, researchers, and faculties of behavioral sciences, psychology, social anthropology, demography, criminology, social work and sociology. It will also be an essential read for psychologists and counselors, policy makers, NGOs, CSOs, legal experts and media personnel working in the area of suicide prevention and research.

This is a global edition brought out by Routledge London. Soon the South Asia edition is expected which would be priced much less. 

  • Lancy Lobo, SJ

  • Title: Revisiting Suicide: From a Socio-Psychological Lens
  • Author: Kanchan Bharati, Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah 
  • Publisher: Routledge, London 
  • Pages: 402 
  • Price: Hard cover Rs 12,540 | Kindle Rs 2793