//Science and Religion: An Eastern Interface

Science and Religion: An Eastern Interface

This book is an attempt at presenting some of the contemporary activities in the field of science-religion interfacing, particularly in the Eastern sector of the globe. Two points are emphasized here: Firstly, the old view – that modern science and contemporary religions particularly Catholicism, have been at war, with science in the winner’s seat – is a popular myth created by certain historians of science with certain personal interests and ideologies. Recent research and study by reputed historians of science show that this view has very little historical foundation, although there have been periods of tension and disagreements. Secondly, the Catholic Church has been a major player in the origin and development of modern science, particularly the Jesuit Order. In developing the first point, the book points out that the relationship between modern science and Catholicism went through 3 identifiable stages: Encouragement, Estrangement and Engagement. Today the relationship is mostly in the engagement phase. The chapter on “Vatican II on Science and Technology,” is particularly important, since very little has been written about the highly positive and genuinely encouraging attitude of this Council towards science and technology. The chapter on the Galileo episode also has many new historical facts which have been sadly neglected in the past. The chapter on “Christian Contribution to Science in India,” also presents many hitherto overlooked or ignored facts. On the whole, this book is expected to shed some fresh light on science-Catholicism relationship in the world-scenario in general and the Indian milieu in particular. 

  • Job Kozhamthadam, SJ

  • Title: Science-Catholicism Interfacing: Some New Perspectives
  • Author: Job Kozhamthadam, SJ
  • Publisher: Dharmaram Publications, Bengaluru 
  • Pages: 268
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