//Revolutionaries of Tender Love

Revolutionaries of Tender Love

What do Oscar Romero and Jorge M. Bergoglio have in common? Latin Americans, God’s fearless prophets, people’s pastors, tireless campaigners of human rights, trailblazers of ecumenism, protectors of the poor, friends of mother earth, dialoguers, bridge-builders, branded as Marxists, celebrated by Leftists, critiqued by Rightists, and humble servants of all God’s people. In sum, they are revolutionaries. Of love!

In his latest book: Saint Romero and Pope Francis: Revolutionaries of Tender Love, Jesuit, Professor and Dean of Theology at JDV – Pune, journalist, social activist and motivational speaker Francis Gonsalves, SJ, argues that, far from being Leftist and ‘liberal’ St. Romero and Pope Francis are Christic and ‘radical’ – from the Latin root radix – rooted in Christ.

Launching out from a brief exegesis of the encounters of Jesus with our ‘first pope’ Peter (Mt. 16:13-19; Jn. 21:15-19), Gonsalves argues that the triptych of community, identity and mission (C-I-M) is central to understand and unravel ‘who’ Romero and Bergoglio are, ‘whom’ they preferentially serve, and ‘where’ they intend Church to live-die-rise again. Theologically speaking, just as St. Peter harmonized his Christology, Ecclesiology and Missiology, so do St. Romero and Pope Francis have their ‘C-I-M’ fixed upon and fructifying with Christ.

The book abounds with real-life stories, personal quotes and testaments of co-workers of these two exemplary churchmen – showing the world how a ‘revolution of tender love’ must be unleashed, here-and-now.Animated with a ‘Foreword’ by Fr. Arturo Sosa, Superior General of the Jesuits, and with an ‘Afterword’ and glowing comments from Jesuits Jon Sobrino, Aloysius Pieris, Antonio Spadaro and Chema Tojeira – who’ve had a foretaste of the book – St. Romero and Pope Francis will challenge you to be a better Christian, priest, pastor and prophet of our times.

  • Title: Saint Romero and Pope Francis: Revolutionaries of Tender Love
  • Author: Francis Gonsalves, SJ
  • Publisher: Pauline Publications, Mumbai
  • PAGES: 216
  • PRICE: Rs 200