//How Pope Francis interacts with Jesuits

How Pope Francis interacts with Jesuits

Immediately, directly, intuitively: this is how the message of Pope Francis touches people. His ability to communicate is rooted in a pastoral experience that naturally tends to create authentic relationships. His authority is never expressed rigidly, as if spoken by a statue. Rather, his personality flows into the people with whom he is speaking. This volume gathers some of the conversations that Francis has had with Jesuits during his apostolic journeys. It is clear how the Pope tunes into the appropriate wavelength for each group. You can see it in his approach, in his greeting and body language. Francis relaxes with the Jesuits; he feels at home. Ever since his very first papal trip to Brazil, whenever possible, Francis has enjoyed meeting the Jesuits of the country he is visiting. That encounter can take various forms: a mass, a personal greeting for a group, a dialogue… Obviously, these are “private” words, not meant for widespread circulation. Following the Pontiff on his apostolic trips, I have always joined in these meetings. I record his words with my Smartphone, transcribe them and then hand them to Francis so that he can read them. If he thinks it opportune, he approves them for publication in La Civiltà Cattolica.