//Fr. Ramesh Tribhuvan, SJ (PUN) 1971 – 2021

Fr. Ramesh Tribhuvan, SJ (PUN) 1971 – 2021

Fr. Ramesh was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital, Shrirampur, on 18th April, after being affected by the Corona virus. After eight days in the hospital, he recovered to some extent and returned to his parish at Rahuri. However, a couple of days later, when his health condition started deteriorating, he was rushed to the Evangeline Booth Hospital, Ahmednagar, where he finally breathed his last on 6th May, 2021.

The news of his death left his parishioners shocked and grief-stricken because they had lost their ‘smiling priest’. Fr. Ramesh’s smile was truly infectious. With a cheerful and zealous missionary spirit, he reached out to the faithful, proclaiming the joy of the gospel and helping them resolve their challenging problems and difficulties.

Right from his novitiate days, Fr. Ramesh displayed a bold and courageous spirit. With his radiant and cheerful smile, he endeared himself to his flock and his fellow Jesuits. After his ordination on 7th November, 2009, Ramesh served in several parishes. The faithful really loved him. He also did remarkable service in the Social Centre where he served as Project Coordinator of the watershed projects. He will always be remembered for his commitment and hard work. Thank you, Fr. Ramesh, for the precious gift and blessing you have been to the Province. God saw you were tired, and wanted you to share in the joy of His Heavenly Kingdom. Do intercede for all of us.

Subhash Tribhuvan, SJ