//Fr. Noel Francis D’Souza, SJ (CCU) 1932-2019

Fr. Noel Francis D’Souza, SJ (CCU) 1932-2019

Fr Noel was a very simple, unassuming priest yet very deep in many ways. He had a brilliant mind with a singular sense of dedication and zeal. He was given big responsibilities right from the beginning of his priestly life. He did brilliantly well in every single one.

He was Rector and Headmaster of St. Lawrence (5 years), Vice Provincial (3 years), Provincial (1976-1981), Rector of De Nobili College (1981-1984), Regional Asst. (1984-1992), Rector and Novice Master (1993-2000), Prefect and Curate in St Lawrence (2001-16). As Provincial he opened Dhyan Ashram Novitiate and Retreat House. He made vibrant the various apostolates. He made CLC a very strong movement. He initiated regular Vocation and Youth camps that saw many joining religious life.

He strengthened the Tribal Apostolate in the Districts. He opened up Calcutta Jesuits to many apostolates and activities. He initiated the yearly Jesuit Relatives’ Meet. He gave a lot of importance to the local language and culture. 

In his exemplary life he was totally detached from the work he did. What was important for him was ‘God’s Greater Glory’, not his name.  He was ‘others-oriented’, generous, humble, genuinely seeking God’s will. He was pastorally-oriented, whatever the apostolate or place. He spent much time with the poor wherever he went.

As Novice Director he trusted the novices, saw to their needs and difficulties, and stood by them. He encouraged and stood by the scholastics, appreciated each one, gave them freedom. 

For him the Jesuit community was very important and holy. Community spirit mattered to him very much. He found God deeply in the daily Eucharist, in meditation and the rosary. He was very simple, conscientious, hardworking, a meticulous and serious thinker, very human yet deeply spiritual man – a man for others, a man of God. He brought joy and grace wherever he went.   

  • Timir Singha, SJ