//Fr. Hilary Lobo, SJ (JAM) 1940 – 2021

Fr. Hilary Lobo, SJ (JAM) 1940 – 2021

Fr Hilary Lobo was an outstanding Principal, most sought-after national level referee of basketball, and administrator. He was the very first Indian Jesuit in the Province to acquire a Doctorate in Education. Except for a few years, he was engaged in the education apostolate throughout. He was very fond of the kids in the schools he worked for, but truly a strict disciplinarian, a perfect and no-nonsense type of person. He was always ready and willing to contribute his share to the mission of the community. As a teacher, he tried to remember his former students’ birthdays and wedding anniversaries, to wish and congratulate them over the phone or on Facebook. Whatever was entrusted to his care, he did with utter commitment and dedication. He was meticulous in planning and demanded excellence in everything. He was also very fond of young scholastics. He made regular trips to Mangalore, and brought vocations to Jamshedpur Province, not to mention that the present provincial, Fr. Jerome Cutinha, is his vocation. He was an excellent Religious and indeed found God everywhere, especially in the mission assigned to him by obedience. God, for him, was everywhere! In the nitty-gritty of the mundane as well as in the exalted position of a Principal. Hilary, a confirmed diabetic, used to be insulin-dependent. He had prostate problems. Three times he faced heart surgery and a stroke.

On 19th April, at the behest of doctors’ advice, he was admitted to hospital as he suffered from Corona and pre-existing chronic health conditions. Within the next few days, on 26th April, he breathed his last. We can only accept God’s plan, hard as it may be. Adieu, dear Fr. Hilary Lobo. We are proud of you. Rest in peace, and may you see the face of God forever.

Mukti Clarence, SJ