//Fr. Domingo Larumbe, SJ (GUJ) 1933–2019

Fr. Domingo Larumbe, SJ (GUJ) 1933–2019

I was fortunate to know the family of Fr. Domingo Larumbe well. Two of his elder brothers died fighting the communist in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). No wonder Domingo Larumbe grew up as a strong Christian, a fighting Christian. Even in the ministry he was a fighter, and while being loved for his goodness, he was also feared by some for his physical and moral strength. He was a strong missionary.

Domingo, familiarly known as Chomin, was born in Ibero, Navarra on 25 of August, 1933. He volunteered for the Gujarat Mission. But there were visa restrictions and he had to wait several years to realise his dream. He completed his novitiate and juniorate in Loyola and did two years of regency in Venezuela while he waited for his visa. Finally he got it, arrived in India, and was sent to Anand to study Gujarati. He did his theology in Pune and was ordained in 1965. He spent probably the happiest years of his life in Jhagadia. He delighted in playing football with the boys. It was a shock for him and a great sacrifice when he was asked to leave Jhagadia and move to North Gujarat, to work among a different tribe that spoke a different language.  In Vijaynagar, Larumbe constructed many buildings – hostels for boys and girls, a school, living quarters for the teaching staff and a church. He helped the tribals come out of their primitive method of agriculture by introducing the use of new seeds, fertilizers and good ploughing. This resulted in bumper crops. Chomin lived a very saintly and Spartan life working tirelessly for 37 years in Vijaynagar.

He began feeling the effects of age and work. He suffered from a rare condition which impeded him from carrying on with his work. He thought that a visit to Spain would restore his golden youth. It did not happen. He exercised his charity in the infirmary of Loyola taking care of those who could not walk. He pushed their wheel chairs. He died of cerebral cancer conscious till the end and surrounded by his dear ones. God will reward this great apostle.

  • Pablo Gil, SJ