//Fr. Antony Cruze, SJ (GUJ) 1964-2021

Fr. Antony Cruze, SJ (GUJ) 1964-2021

Twenty five days of battle against Corona was well fought. Finally Fr. Cruze, SJ gave himself to the will of God, and surrendered his spirit on the 19th May, 2021. His loss is irrevocable as a witnessing missionary, enlightening educationist and a down-to-earth human being. Carrying a smile on his face at all times, described him as a cheerful giver of time and energy to all those who have encountered him as Principal, in all the schools where he rendered his service.

His deepest pride was the “Call to the Society of Jesus”. From the inception of the thought to join the Society to the last breath, he never doubted his vocation. On the contrary, his ardent zeal to serve this least Society, always predominated his mind and rejuvenated him. This led him to become a vocation promotor and preserver in the Province. He enjoyed the grace of being the ‘risk taker’ for the well-being of others and enabled others to be courageous in turn.

What benevolence would our Jesuit education bring about, if we only capture and nurture the privileged and intellectually sound students of the creamy layer – is the question that often revolved around his mind. His heart always reached out to the tribal students. Delimiting factors like time and physical energy, would not hamper him if he had to reach out to any tribal student who was in need of his assistance. His departure has created an indelible vacuum in the life of his many students. His contribution towards my faith formation and nurturing of my vocation in the Society of Jesus will be archived as treasures of my personal life. Culmination of earthly life of a wonderful human being and cheerful Jesuit, occurred as his mortal remains were laid to rest, but deletion of his fond and life-giving memories will always remain a long struggle in my emotional realm.

Too soon to be taken away – too early to have gone away – too young to fall a prey to the pandemic. Fingers hesitate to erase your number ‘Fr. Cruze’ from my mobile, because such was your unimaginable availability and care for everyone. But your robust faith in God and your deepest love for Jesus, compels me to believe that now you are in a better position to love the Society of Jesus – your family, and in a least way, myself.  

Antony Suresh, SJ