//Fr. Alban D’Souza, SJ (GOA) 1952–2019

Fr. Alban D’Souza, SJ (GOA) 1952–2019

Alban was big built with a broad chest and strong arms. But he was gentle. Alban endeared himself to all with his humour – many a times with a straight face. At times you had to read between the lines to get the subtle words he used. It was his ready wit that often caught you off guard.

Alban joined the Society in June 1969 and was ordained in 1982. He spent about 10 years in the education apostolate after which he took to the training of youth. He began conducting development programmes for students in Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges. After an MA in counselling from Loyola University, Maryland, he began training programmes for lay counsellors. This was his pet project which led him to write two books: A Facilitator’s Handbook and The Beginner’s Handbook for Resource Persons and Trainers”. Alban did well educating young people, handling school administration, preaching, helping people develop themselves, and training lay counsellors/trainers.

Over the past year and half Alban had been battling illness with grace, acceptance, and peace. Treatment, diagnoses, operations, and more treatment took a toll on his health. He began to lose weight but not that twinkle in his eye. During his sickness, Alban was his usual self narrating anecdotes and laughing at some jokes, putting his visitors at ease. Alban knew many were praying for his recovery but he had surrendered his life to the Lord. At the appointed time, 15th March, around 3.00 pm Alban got the final call: “Come to me, you who are heavily burdened and I will give you rest.” (3 months short of completing 50 years in the Society). May the Almighty grant him eternal rest! 

  • William Rodrigues, SJ