//Finding roots of Hindutva

Finding roots of Hindutva

This book consists of six essays on religious traditions in India and the emerging Hindutva movement, written by the famous theologian and socialist thinker Sebastian Kappen, who died in 1993. The essays are compiled and edited by Sebastian Vattamattam, his nephew and close associate. The spirit of intolerance and bigotry was never akin to Indian religious traditions. Then how is it that Hindutva has become so powerful in India? Kappen addresses this question in the papers compiled in this volume. He explores the fascist character of Hindutva, and outlines a new vision for the future. Kappen finds the roots of Hindutva not so much in the Brahmanic scriptures as in the Judeo-Christian myths. To him what is happening is not exactly a revival of Hinduism but its betrayal and semiticization.

  • Courtesy: Biju Joseph, SJ
  • Title: Hindutva and Indian Religious Traditions
  • Author: Sebastian Kappen
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (2019)
  • Pages: 92
  • Price: Rs 130