//Exploring the horizons of the Spirit

Exploring the horizons of the Spirit

Sebastian Painadath’s life has been a constant pilgrimage; he has been a relentless spiritual seeker, a wanderer between Continents. He has been constantly on the move from the early years of his formation in the Society of Jesus. The Ignatian ideal to be ever alert to the more universal good characterizes his life. He is a seeker amidst philosophies and religions, a pilgrim exploring the horizons of the Spirit. What he shares with others seems to resonate in them. His theological explanations and spiritual insights evoke in them an enthusiasm for a culture of dialogue. As a Jesuit and representative of the World Church, he conveys significant interpretations and wider perspectives which open up a new way of looking at spirituality and religion. He has been widely recognized as a competent resource person in matters concerning the theology of inter-religious harmony.

  • Courtesy: Biju Joseph, SJ

  • Title: Spirituality Through Interreligious Experience
  • Author: Xavier Tharamel, SJ
  • Publisher: ISPCK
  • Pages: 357
  • Price: Rs 400