//Development and Community Mobilization

Development and Community Mobilization

The field of community organization is a civilizational concept. With the advent of modern development, systems and processes were altered to prioritize individual needs over the community. It is in this context that the book ‘Development Anchored in Community Intelligence’ should be seen.

This handbook for community mobilization comes to fill the void of literature in the area of community organization and social action. It consciously and cautiously dwells on the sensitive topics of caste and religion, with regard to their role in social change, when attempts are made to mobilize communities. It offers a textured approach to the assertion of rights that is embedded in development, and can be a prescribed handbook for institutions of social work, social dynamics, community development, and anyone interested in gaining an understanding of working with communities.

On a process based 12-step approach to community mobilization the book sets out to create a practical template. With a minimal dosage of theoretical foundation, true to its nature, the book serves as a handbook filled with do’s and don’ts grounding itself on field realities. Each chapter has a specific title followed by the purpose, time duration, ways to proceed, helpful tips, useful conditions, indicators, questions and reflections and a case study to substantiate the claims.

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G. Gladston Xavier


• Development Anchored in Community Intelligence: A Handbook for Community Mobilization
• AUTHOR: Joseph Xavier, SJ
• PUBLISHER: Indian Social Institute, Bengaluru; Caritas India, New Delhi
• PAGES: 128