//Community Prayer book on Ecology

Community Prayer book on Ecology

The Encyclical Laudato Si by Pope Francis has rejuvenated our love and care for environment and all of creation. Environment acts as a medium to elevate our spirits with ecstatic reverence and helps us raise our minds and hearts to God. The Society of Jesus has also chosen this topic as one of its universal apostolic preferences motivating its members to get actively involved for the next ten years. 

This book highlights the wonders of creation and assists us to be united with God through our community prayers. Forty important topics of creation are taken as themes. Each component has some facts on the theme in the opening prayers, then there are relevant readings for reflection, followed by pertinent petitions, concluding with elevating prayers. Praying with creation motivates us to be involved in protecting and conserving creation as stewards. 

Fr Ignacimuthu, SJ deserves our appreciation for bringing out this inspiring book at this particular time when we realize how important environment is for our very survival. The publishers also have done an excellent job. This book will be a blessing for religious communities, parishes, families and institutions.

  • John Rose, SJ

  • Title: Praying with Creation (Community Prayers) 
  • Author: S. Ignacimuthu, SJ 
  • Publisher: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand
  • Pages: 202
  • Price: Rs. 175