//Br. Desmond Dias, SJ (BOM) 1933-2020

Br. Desmond Dias, SJ (BOM) 1933-2020

Desmond was born and grew up in Bandra, a place that he held close to his heart.  He always cherished fond childhood memories of growing up with his family.   His contact with the Jesuits in the parish and school inspired him to join the Society.  Desmond felt God calling him to be a Jesuit Brother and he answered that call valiantly.   Over the years he served as Brother Socius to the Provincial, and then as Minister and sub-Minister in several houses. 

Dezzi, as we affectionately called him, was a man of few words who never attempted to be who he was not. He loved the Society deeply and wore his heart on his sleeve. The courses he had taken in photography and poultry farming were put to very good use.  He was a top quality photographer and was the official photographer of the Province.  As a genuine photographer he was always behind the camera and rarely in front of it.  Wherever Dezzi was appointed, he planted trees – almost 400 at Vinayalaya and many more at St. Pius X Seminary.  He would often ask about these trees and was delighted to receive fruits from them.  He was extremely skilled at maintenance and was also a master of thrift – woe to any maintenance worker who tried to cheat him!  Dezzi was a faithful Religious and was there punctually for the Community Mass.  Every afternoon around 3:15 pm, he would withdraw to his room, light a candle and pray the rosary. 

Desmond strongly believed that he would fall sick if he were ever taken to a hospital! Unfortunately his last days on earth included 2 months in the ICU, battling Covid 19. He did battle through his illness, but he finally lay down his guard after two months in the Province infirmary.  He now enjoys eternal bliss in the gardens of the Heavenly Vinedresser.  

  • John Cyriac, SJ