//Blessed John Sullivan, SJ

Blessed John Sullivan, SJ

John Sullivan (1861-1933) was born on 8th May in Dunlin, Ireland, and was raised in both the Protestant tradition of his father and Catholic tradition of his mother. In 1872, he was sent to Portora Royal School, in Northern Ireland where he won honours for his academic excellence. He was an outdoor activities enthusiast, loved cycling and long walks in hills and mountains. His aptitude for the Classics earned him a scholarship to Trinity College, Dublin. He distinguished himself in his university studies and in 1885 he was awarded the Gold Medal in Classics. Sullivan started to study law at Trinity, but his father’s sudden death in 1885 so devastated him that he left Ireland to continue his legal studies in London where he was called to the Bar in 1888. Because of the financial independence he obtained from his share of his father’s inheritance, he lived comfortably, and travelled Europe extensively.

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The author is a prolific writer. His books include “Profiles in Holiness”, “Brief Biographies of Jesuit Saints” and “Jesuit Saints without Paint”.