//Br. Joseph C. Kochukunnumpuram, SJ (PAT) 1938-2020

Br. Joseph C. Kochukunnumpuram, SJ (PAT) 1938-2020

Br. Joseph C. Kochukunnumpuram, SJ, fondly called as KC, was born in Inchur, Kerala. He was the eldest son of Mr. Chacko and Mrs. Rosamma. After completing his initial education in Kerala, KC joined the Patna Province in 1962.  After his first vows he did his training in 1964 as an infirmarian at St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore, and in Catering Technology in 1967 in Mumbai. After his regency at St. Xavier’s, Delhi and Chuarhi Mission, he served as an infirmarian at XTTI (1969-77) and in the Province curia (1984-88). He was the sub-minister at K.R. School, Bettiah (1984-1988), St. Xavier’s, Patna, (1988-96), XTTI, Patna (1997-2000) and Catholic School, Ara (2000-2007). He was the assistant infirmarian at XTTI from 2007 till he moved in 2017 to Xavier Bhawan, Patna.

Br. KC was a simple, calm, unassuming, disciplined and responsible person. He was a faithful and committed religious. He exercised his healing skills with great care as an infirmarian. As an office assistant in the Province Curia he was meticulous and professional in typing documents. He also maintained absolute confidentiality in all administrative matters. Often, he would accompany the Provincial driving the vehicle. He was never reluctant to take up any work. He was punctual and systematic. He conscientiously remained faithful to his prayer, walk, recreation and relaxation. He spoke little and complained about none.  

He was not in the best of health for many years. He took care of his health responsibly without undue fuss. He was a person of great inner strength and maturity. His sense of commitment to the Jesuit way of proceeding came through in his daily life.

He died after two weeks in hospital on February 7, in Patna. May God grant him eternal rest! 

  • Abraham Puthumana, SJ