//An Eco-text book!

An Eco-text book!

The University Grants Commission (UGC) under the flagship program of Environmental Education implemented the subject Environmental Studies in the year 2000 as per the Supreme Court directives to promote environmental awareness in higher education curriculum of the country. Environmental Studies is an added subject to existing curriculum and so the students with an unquenchable thirst of knowing the important issues of the ecological and environmental issues in the world look for an effective text book that is crisp, easy to understand and fulfils their objective of becoming environmentally conscious citizens. The Cambridge University Press published a text book under the title “Fundamentals of environmental studies” authored by Dr. Mahua Basu and Dr. S. Xavier of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata.

The authors of this book have done an excellent job of depicting the current environmental issues in a systematic manner in ten well-written chapters. The first feeling one gets after reading this book is that the authors are truly passionate about the content of the book. As they have rightly mentioned in the preface, the main objective of this book seems to be to enlighten and enthuse the young readers to strive for a better environment. 

As an exception, this book has given concrete information. Whether matters related to Copenhagen or Cancun, Le Ladakh flash flood or Amazon forest fires, Eli Nino or La Nina, Aila or Laila a student will stand par with a scientist or an environmentalist to discuss and debate on any matters related to environmental science, irrespective of the science or arts or commerce stream he/she belongs to. 

This book is one of the 8 best environmental guides today. The salient feature of this book is the relevance given to case studies which are well placed and grab the interest of the readers. The multiple-choice questions and the short and long answer questions provided at the end of each chapter are sure to benefit the students from an academic point of view. The bibliography which also includes the websites of online resources are sure to benefit the readers who are enthusiastic in gaining further knowledge on the subject. The gravity of the various environmental problems in the current situation is presented in an appropriate manner. This book will equally benefit the students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and also people who are interested to know more about the current environmental scenario. 

 Thus, the students are imparted with a sense of awareness regarding the serious environmental crisis that is confronting the human race at the present moment.

  • Suma Sarojini

  • Title: Fundamentals of environmental studies 
  • Author: Dr. Mahua Basu and Dr. Xavier Savarimuthu, SJ.
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Pages: 460
  • Price: Rs. 425