//Thrills and Trials in Being Utterly Brotherly

Thrills and Trials in Being Utterly Brotherly

Vatican II unfolded a big and bright new vision
Of the Church, in her search for a new zeal for Mission.

“The human race” it said, “has passed from a static concept of reality,
To a dynamic, more evolutionary concept” of humanity.

Sadly, many such brand new lights
Have far from given us any sleepless nights.

Following the euphoria, several Synods and countless courses of renewal,
To most, its been “back to business as usual”.

That Council’s beneficiaries may not rank among its luminaries;
But the way the Spirit has long worked in and through them all,
Shows what it takes today to heed God’s Call.

Having freely chosen “the road less travelled
Has made all the difference” on which they’ve revelled.

Brothers contain “others”, so like ‘mothers’, display their qualities
In being dear care-givers to their fraternities.

Unfortunately, only “a few good men” have widely enjoyed that “freest of all Callings”-
Impacting the poor multitudes, despite their own fallings.

This needn’t have been so, had more of them worked for “the Common Good”
Like Jesus, co-creating many a model neighbourhood!

Engaged in Ministry of Counselling and Writing while residing at Seva Niketan, Mumbai.