//Fr. Lankapalli Prasad, SJ (AND) 1966 -2020

Fr. Lankapalli Prasad, SJ (AND) 1966 -2020

Fr. Lankapalli Prasad, SJ, hailed from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. He is survived by his beloved mother, an elder sister and two elder brothers. When he was four he lost his father. The influence of the devout family seems to have contributed to his understanding of society at large as well as God in his tender love and self-discipline. He experienced God’s tough-mindedness in his justice and wrath, and God’s tender-heartedness in his love and grace. All along in his religious life, he strove to personalize these attributes of God.

He enjoyed the beauty of friendship with the poor. He was very warm in his affection for the poor as is clear in his M.Th. thesis on Dalit Realities. He linked himself with God, creation and human beings through his love and concern for the poor and the marginalized. This has echoed in his doctoral thesis.

His goodness was not found in passive commitment to creed, religious rules and regulations, but in his active participation in the formation of young Jesuits and other religious. He fanned the flame of enthusiasm in his lifetime of service at JDV, Papal Seminary, Pune. Greatness is discovered in kindness, humility and service. He did not allow a dent in that spirit in spite of having a near fatal death experience on Pune-Mumbai Express Highway in 2013. He was full of compassion and kindness. Many students and staff, both Jesuits and non-Jesuits, at the Papal Seminary would testify to his wonderful qualities. The sincere concern he had for the young drew them close to him and gave them an experience of genuine joy, solace and consolation in times of pain and difficulties.

Fr. Prasad, you combined both knowledge and humility, youthful enthusiasm and a spirit of inner restraint. You were available, responsible and compassionate. You lived by convictions. Father! Into your hands we commend our beloved Fr. Prasad Lankapalli. May his soul rest in peace!

  • ISF. Jeyaraj, SJ