//Fr. Gregory Stany D’Silva, SJ (JAM) 1964-2020

Fr. Gregory Stany D’Silva, SJ (JAM) 1964-2020

Gregory Stany D’Silva, fondly called Greg, could be described as what Pope Francis calls ‘shepherd who smells of the sheep,’ a man who touched the lives of people. Gregory D’Silva was indeed a pastor who knew his people, and touched their lives, with great cheerfulness, typical of him. Greg remained a pastor with a kind heart for the people even when he was not in parishes. This was his way of leading people to God. 

Gregory Stany D’Silva SJ born on 12 June, 1964 in Karelara in Mangalore as the youngest of a large family. He joined the Jesuits on 7 July, 1983 as a member of Jamshedpur Province. After the years of formation at DNC, Pune and VJ Delhi, Greg was ordained on 6 May, 1999. The very first mission that was assigned to him remained the best for him – shepherding the flock at Bordor/Pandabir in the heart of the land of the Ho tribe. 

The long years at the service of people of this region brought out the best of Greg, a time that he laid the foundation, in the company of Fr John Deeney, apostle of the Hos, of the future parish. Was it the fluency in the language that made him a most loved shepherd of the flock or was it his heart full of enthusiasm and zeal for the mission – of bringing people to God? Answer is not easy, but tears that flowed on the farewell for their beloved PP back in 2002, vouch that Greg had touched the hearts of people, in his inimitable style. Greg dedicated most of his time in this Kolhan region of Jharkhand. What brought great satisfaction is nurturing the faith of the people, leading people to God. God reward your toil Greg. Rest in Peace! 

  • Somy Mannoor, SJ