//Br. Jeyaraj Annaviar, SJ (MDU) 1942-2020

Br. Jeyaraj Annaviar, SJ (MDU) 1942-2020

Br. Jeyaraj was from Michaelpattinam, a village rich in vocations. After completing his primary education there, he continued his studies in Madurai. Inspired by the Jesuit Brothers of Madurai he expressed his desire to join their ranks. His family expressed their reservation. Even after his high school at St. Mary’s, Madurai, and training at Sattur Teacher Training School, the desire to become a Jesuit Brother did not fade away.  Providentially, he met Fr. Ignatius Sama during a bus trip. Fr. Sama, who was then in charge of the Brothers, welcomed him with open arms. 

After completing his novitiate at Beschi Illam, Dindigul, Br. Jeyaraj served successively in several Jesuit houses and institutions. He was a man who was always busy with his brisk steps, doing his work – taking care of those entrusted to his care, especially the sick. He was quite enthusiastic about conducting prayer services. He used to get the co-workers and students once a week, for an hour of prayer after supper. He had a great love for poor students whom he helped in whatever way he could. 

He was quite active and cheerful during his last days in Beschi Illam. Outgoing, warm and full of energy, he used to meet regularly, greet and spend time with community members and visitors to Beschi. On 23 October 2020, he tested COVID Positive and was hospitalized. He was responding well to the treatment but, unfortunately, had a massive heart attack and was declared dead in the wee hours of 3 November 2020. As his death was COVID-related, his mortal remains were laid to rest on the same day in the Beschi cemetery, after a short and strictly private burial service, in a grave prepared as per specifications given by government health officials. 

  • A. Prasanth, SJ